Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Ok.. so it's been almost 3 weeks.. soooo bad :-(  .. It's not like I have nothing to say.. I hardly ever stop talking... so .. why can't I write anything?? Well.. sadly it's because ...I'm sad (so as I babble and stumble through this post.. please.. forgive me).

 My wonderful friend Amy and her family are leaving this week... not just moving house.. not just moving to the next town.. but moving.. all the way to Idaho for a few months and then over to Indonesia for at least 4 years!!!

Why??? you ask..    Well, they work with Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada (MAF Canada).  God has started them on this wonderful journey and as sad as I am for myself I am also so truly excited for them because I know them, and can see His love and grace shining in them.  

I want you to do something for me...please :-)

 Go and read their story on their blog: .. seriously.. go and read it.. they are truly inspiring!!!!

or.. if you're a facebook junkie like me you can follow them on there too:

So now you know about some of the wonderful friends (more like family!!) I have been blessed with ...Something else you should know about me.. I don't cry in public.. and yet this week.. I can't seem to stop.  It started at church on Sunday as we prayed for our friends, it continued again when we had a farewell supper for them, and let me tell you.. hugging her boys for the final time is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  Simon is 4.. a day younger than my Josh (and a head taller).  He calls me Mama Paula.. it's my all time favourite nickname :-)  .. He didn't really understand why I had the tears when I hugged him and said goodbye.. But Luke (he's 6 and my darlin' Aydin's friend).. he understood and I think that made it harder!! I did not want to let go!!!!  So the boys have now gone to spend a few extra days with their grandparents, and Amy, Ben and the girls leave on Friday.. (just so ya know.. I'm gonna be even more of a wreck that day) ..

I have been so incredibly blessed over the last 4 years to have Amy in my life.  She is such an inspiration to me, definitely the type of person who you meet and aspire to be like!!   I honestly can't put into words the gratitude I have to God for bringing her into my life when He did.  Knowing her has made me a better mother, wife, friend and best of all.. daughter of God.  

Thank you Amy, for these last 4 wonderful years of has meant more than you can ever know :-)


  1. Paula what a beautiful post. Very well written from the heart. Im now friends with them on FB and Im excited to see where their journey will take them.

    Great job, remember everything happens for a reason. He brought her to you and now he is giving her to someone else because they might need her more.

    Dont be sad, celebrate the good times that you've had. (that rhymed unintentional..but im leaving it because I hope it makes you smile.

    Lucky 7 Design

  2. So glad MJ sent me over here--what a beautiful post! Remember, a true friend is someone you carry in your doesn't weigh you down like heavy luggage...instead, it lifts you up like a smile in your soul...and it's something you take with you, even if the miles separate you. You are lucky to have that kind of friendship with your dear Amy. Best of luck to them...and to you!

  3. MJ.. - thanks.. it did make me smile :-)
    Elise.. - thank you.. beautifully worded, made me tear up again (just because it's true)