Thursday, 26 May 2011

Taking on Too Much!!!!

Ever have those days (or weeks) when you just feel like you're
Too Busy
and you just can't seem to catch up or catch your breath?? 
Welcome to my life lately.  Hubby got put back on swing shift so he's doing 2 weeks days, 2 weeks nights.. so I prepared for nightshift again ... and it turned out to be 1 week of nights and then they switched him back to days for this week.. and.. oh my gosh.. I need a stable schedule to function so that has just thrown me completely off track. 

 Here's all I have to do in the next couple of weeks:
Get the kids to finish their schoolwork

Print and get together samples of their schoolwork for their teacher

Go to the kids' year end party

Soccer games and practices (2 boys)

Swim lessons (3 boys)

Piano lessons (1 boy)

Remove the rock garden from my lawn

Clean out the garage so that we can get to the kids' bikes (and mine)

Somehow keep the house semi-clean

Somehow keep the kids fed.. ok ok.. we'll maybe clean them too

We (as in the hubby and I) also have to find the time to re-shingle our garage roof.

And finish sanding and mudding one of the bedrooms downstairs so I can paint it and lay the flooring so that Davin will finally have a room again.. not that he minds sleeping on the sofa bed in the rec room.. tv all night long.. he loves that.. lol

I've also gotta finish getting ready for the big craft fair because I DO NOT want to leave it all to the last minute... and so saying that I just ordered some more items yesterday to make up yet another new product.. what was I thinking??


I've offered to help a friend pack up her house ready for a missions trip to Indonesia for the next 8 years of her life.. talk about mixed emotions there.. yayyy.. so thrilled they are going to be doing such wonderful work for the Lord.. booooo.. I'm not going to see my friend for a LONG time.. I've found out that it is possible to cry happy and sad tears all at the same time!!

Plus just the day to day life things like diaper changes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom.. ya know housework!!

Oh.. also almost forgot.. I've starting exercising.. 30 minutes on the treadmill.. at least 3 times a week!!

Needless to say... I am a TRAIN WRECK and am going to derail soon if I don't find a way to organize all of this and let out the emotions in a healthy way.

About the only thing I have decided from my list of things above is that my friend and her family will take priority.  She is so amazing!!! After having her 4th baby (by c-section this time) just over 2 weeks ago she is packing up her house, making sure it is clean for showings so it can sell, and still SMILING!!!  I need to take lessons from her :-)

Ok.. so thanks for letting me vent a bit and get that all out... I would
 to hear from you with tips on dealing with "life" when it throws a bunch at you and you're just not ready for it!!!!!

One bright note for my day.. I completed my headband holder project yesterday (baby steps.. baby steps).. here's how it turned out...

Now I just have to paint the toy blocks.. umm I mean headband holder feet.. so that they're a more neutral color and it's good to go!!!  What do you think??

Have a wonderfully blessed day all :-)

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