Sunday, 3 July 2011

Craft Fairs .. and the Power of Prayer

Wooo hooo.. the first craft fair of the season (for me anyways) was this weekend.  Yeah.. I'm happy now.. but I was a complete basket case for a couple of days weeks before it.  I'm a planner.. a list maker.. an ocd organizer.  And it is so hard for me to not be able to control things...

Take for instance this Canada Day..

I got accepted into the crafter's corner for our local festivities..
step one.. check.

 I made up all my product (and then some!!!) .. all ready to go..
step two.. check.

 I worked on my set up and made holders and painted holders for all my goods..
step three.. check

 2 weeks before I started checking the weather reports.. all sun and good stuff (I mean it'll be July.. how could it not be good weather)..
step four.. check 

 1 week before.. I double checked the weather report.. mostly sun.. and a few clouds..
step four.. still checked.

5 days before.. the weather report now says mostly cloudy..
 step four.. gulp.. still checked 

 3 days before.. cloudy.. with a few showers.. crud.. but I can still deal with that.. after all.. I'm under a tent..
 step four.. check 

 The day before.. rain, rain, and more rain in the forecast..
I cried..
no more check on step four :-(

 I mean.. we paid money for the tent, we paid to get into the craft fair.. and it's going to pour down rain all day?? No one will come out, I won't be able to sell anything... add to this is the fact that my husband has not been able to go back to work for over a week because the road into the town he's working in is washed out, and the road into the mine he's working for was closed down due to the heavy rains as well.. I worked out our money situation and we have the choice to pay our bills or buy food (and with all our kids... food it would be)

So.. I prayed .. Dear God.. please let me at least make back the money we paid out so I'm not being more of a burden to my husband.  ... Lord.. please provide for my family.. yes.. I'm sure you can guess how my prayers went. 
And then.. I did what is hard for me.. I did my very best to leave it in His hands.. and I did pretty well at that.. I wasn't as nervous, I actually slept the night before and I woke up with the "what will be, will be".. attitude ..
I still didn't expect to do well.. I woke up to clouds and rain.. But..  you know what.. when we left to go and set up.. the rain stopped.. I got everything into my tent.. and the rain started again.. timing..perfect timing.  So, there I was set up.. all alone and cold.. very cold..(and I'm thankful too that my wonderful husband brought a heater back with him an hour or so later).. But.. I figured since I was there I was going to make sure I smiled at anyone who came out in this weather.. whether they were walking by my tent or coming into it.. if they were as crazy um.. brave as I was by being out on such a day.. they at least deserved a smile :-)
And then it happened.. my prayers were answered.. Someone came into my tent, just after I finished my set up.. and bought something .. at quarter to ten, I made my first sale.. and then I didn't sit down again until 5:40 that evening because He smiled upon me that day.. and I had more customers than I could ever have hoped for.
No, I didn't sell out of everything.. but I made enough.. we can buy our groceries, and pay our bills, and I was given a gift too.. there was enough left over for a couple of items that some of my friends make that I have wanted since I saw them.  We don't usually have a lot extra, and we still don't.. but it was a wonderful, wonderful day and I have been saying thanks over and over.  It was humbling and amazing all at once.

This Bible verse says it all to me,  and I need to try and live it better!!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7).
What else can I say.. I hope you ALL have a wonderful and safe holiday this weekend, whether you're celebrating Canada Day or Independence Day.  We live in two very blessed and wonderful nations :-)


  1. Very awesome Paula! Thanks so much for sharing! This is a wonderful reminder! :) Amen!

  2. Oh Paula. I am glad we are friends :] You rock!