Sunday, 31 July 2011

Looking for a Custom Piece??? I Can Help :-)

I have been trying and trying... and trying some more to get a note done on facebook to advertise the fact that I would LOVE to start doing custom items for you!!  But facebook doesn't seem to want to cooperate.. sooo.. I'm just gonna leave a link to this (genius huh.. lol)

Anyhoooo.. on to business. 

I have been playing with the idea for a while of offering custom creations, so I've been practicing with the program I bought, as well as a couple I found online; and now that I can actually use them, I'm really looking forward to working with people on custom creations.

I have done a couple so far ..
A heart shaped glass tile pendant with a picture of my friend's grand-daughter. <- no picture of that one since I don't want to post pictures of other people's kids :-) 

Then, I had someone contact me wondering if I could do something that wouldn't require a metal chain (or even clasp) touching her skin since she is sadly allergic to metals.  and here's what we came up with ..
a leather cord with the clasp by the pendant

I'm happy to say that she loved it.. and yes.. it still has metal in it, but it just requires a slightly higher necked shirt so that the metal never touches her skin

As I mentioned before, I did a picture as a glass tile pendant.  So I took some of my pictures from when we went to the Calgary Zoo and made them into magnets to give you an idea of what a picture can look like under the glass:

This is a 7/8" and a 1" square glass tile of the same butterfly (different shots though)

This snow leapard is one of my favorite shots from the zoo.  This picture was cropped and then I added the text so we could remember when we went later on in life :-)

This is what the original photo started off like.  And I have made the cropped image into a 2" square as well and the quality is still great.
The other thing I have been doing is adding text to images I have and here are some of the results:

I did a custom necklace of this Inspire pendant, but in brown for another lady and it is just as pretty in the brown!!

As long as the word, name or phrase fits, just about anything can be put onto this type of image where there is enough of a blank background that it will show up nicely.

And lastly for pictures, this is one that I made up with ALL 7 of my kid's names on it.  It was the first custom image I did and I learned from it (I will move the names closer to the center for sure!!).  But I love it.. and I love that I can have something will 7 names on it... there aren't too many images I could actually do that on :-)

So.. if you have something you would like made into a pendant, a magnet, or a bookmark please let me know.. or if you have another idea please let me know.  I will be upfront with you about whether or not I can actually accomodate your request and also if there will be any extra cost involved. (there may be up to a $1. for sizing / cropping your image and extra printing costs .. that is $1 for the entire order by the way, not each piece...  but nothing else unless I have to order in something I don't carry regularly)

You can contact me either through email or Facebook :-)

Talk to you soon :-)

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